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What Exactly Is Team Trivia?
Team trivia is a live contest, where participants gather in teams and answer questions I ask over a pre-set time period, usually two hours.  Questions can be shown on your large screen TV’s, with a projector, or can just be asked over a PA system, depending on your setup.  I play songs appropriate to your venue to time the answering of questions at one song per question.  Teams accumulate points for correct answers, and at the end, prizes are awarded to the top teams.  Prizes can be cash, merchandise, or gift certificates, and are supplied by the host location.
Why Matty J’s Team Trivia?
Team trivia attracts a fun, smart, and loyal crowd to your
establishment.  Trivia nights draw people of all ages and backgrounds, all with disposable income.   In my experience, the typical team trivia player prefers to be waited on, and will eat and drink while playing.  Teams like to come up with creative names, and use them every week.  Once a trivia night has been established, it’s not unusual to have many of the ‘regular’ teams in attendance, along with the patrons that are there for the first time. 

Because a team trivia night attracts a regular crowd that may not come out on other nights, it’s perfect for increasing sales on one of your traditionally slower nights.

Web presence

Once we start your regular trivia night, I will post one of the questions I will ask, along with the answer, here on this website.  Right after the trivia night, I will post a picture of the winning team, with a quick recap of the night’s action. By linking to this website from your Facebook page or business website, your customers will get weekly reminders of this fun event.  At each trivia night I also ask for customer email addresses, to send them a link to the weekly question.

Any Special Equipment Needed?

No, I take care of that.  I can use your existing house PA, or bring one.  If you choose the video option, I can either plug into your existing large-screen TV through HDMI, or set up a projector to display on a portable screen or wall. 

So let’s get Your Team Trivia Night started!

Call Matt at 516-448-5644, or Email me.  Make sure you include your name and number. I will call to set up an appointment, and we can discuss how to start a successful trivia night at your business.

Fundraisers and parties

photos by Keith at Savva Studios

Trivia nights are a great way to raise money for your organization, or to add some fun to your party or event.  Email me or call 516-448-5644 to discuss a one-time trivia night.